Legislative Priorities

The State Government Relations Center (SGRC) works to successfully implement, through our affiliated state associations, those state legislative goals or actions approved by the AOA House of Delegates - the ultimate policy setting body of the Association. In addition, the State Government Relations Center (SGRC) works with the affiliated state associations to accomplish the goals they set out for themselves.

Based on the above, SGRC has identified several areas of proactive state legislation that hold priority status including, but not limited to:

  • Uniform scope of practice and prescriptive authority;

  • License mobility;

  • Ensuring patients have access to the optometrist of their choice and other managed care reforms;

  • Establishment of children's beginner grade eye examination requirements;

  • Independent authority for optometry licensing boards, optometry board authority over unlicensed practice, and other public health protection objectives.

For additional information or assistance, please contact Brian Reuwer at BReuwer@aoa.org or 800-365-2219, Ext. 1343.