HIPAA Compliance

Create a culture of compliance in your practice.

Compliancy Group allows you to defeat the HIPAA compliance challenge with confidence. Our solution addresses every aspect of compliance for HIPAA, HITECH, Meaningful Use, Omnibus, and PCI. Compliancy Group provides a live Compliance Coach to help you become adept at any compliance challenge that gets thrown your way. 

You and your staff will receive the support your practice needs to keep compliance routine and worry free — including Training, Tracking, Policies and Procedures, Business Associate Agreement templates, access to education series and much more — all backed up with a HIPAA Seal of Compliance.

  • Achieve HIPAA compliance with an expert compliance coach and proprietary achieve, illustrate, and maintain process
  • Training, Policies & Procedures, and Business Associate Agreement templates
  • Track your employees' training and certification
  • Attest for Meaningful Use
  • HIPAA Seal of Compliance

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The Compliancy Group believes in the importance of HIPAA and HITECH compliance education

We work with industry leaders to provide complimentary access to our education series. Register to hear experts talk about today’s HIPAA, HITECH, Omnibus and Meaningful Use issues.

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