AOA+ on Capitol Hill

From Capitol Hill to your state legislature, AOA and its affiliates fight for your right to practice and access to patients. But we can't do it alone - engagement in advocacy by every student and doctor of optometry is absolutely necessary to ensure that you can practice to the fullest extent of your training and to promote the best possible vision and eye health for your patients and communities.  While you're at AOA+, you have the opportunity to get involved in advocacy in a couple of ways.  

1PM, June 21, 2017

The opening session of AOA+ is a rally on Capitol Hill.  Over 1500 students and new doctors will gather on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol to shout out for optometry and hear from our champions in Congress.  Plus, we'll set the record for the largest optometry selfie!  Come one, come all, to make our voices heard.   

The rally is also a "check-in" spot for eligibility towards your travel grant.  


Visiting your legislators with your peers and experienced doctors of optometry to talk about the policies that matter for you and your patients is an experience you'll never forget.  Visit the AOA on Capitol Hill page to get educational briefings and printable materials, and use the online portal to sign up for meetings with legislators that fit your schedule and interests.  Meeting sign-ups are available on a first-come, first-served basis - AOA staff will send an announcement when the schedule is live in late May.   

Want to get more involved?  Contact your state association and see how you can help to prepare for your visit to D.C.

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