Travel Grant Information

Make sure you don't miss out on receiving your travel grant, follow the steps below:

Register for AOA+ and Optometry's Meeting® by March 31

Attend all AOA+ events:

  •     Rally on the Hill
  •     Keynote speaker
  •     New doctor panel
  •     Optometry's Meeting General Session
  •     Leadership Link Networking Event

You will have to be checked-in to all events.  Travel grants will be distributed onsite of Optometry's Meeting during Leadership Link.  

*If you graduate in 2017, you are eligible for the student travel grant.

Canadian students are also eligible to receive the $750 travel grant.  However, for any student who cannot supply a valid U.S. social security number, due to requirements by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, the AOA is required to withhold 30% of the payment to remit to the IRS for income tax purposes.

Wednesday, June 21
1:00pm                Rally on the Hill
2:30pm                Keynote Speaker
3:45pm                New Doctor Panel
5:00pm                Optometry's Meeting General Session

Thursday, June 22
11:00am                Leadership Link

If you have not attended Optometry's Meeting before as a doctor of optometry, you are eligible for a $250 gift card.  Just follow the same criteria listed above and you will receive your gift card onsite during Leadership Link.  

Through the generous support of our optometric community, we are able to provide travel grants to students and new doctors to attend AOA+.  We encourage you to give back by making a donation to AOA-PAC to amplify optometry's voice in the nation's capital and to Optometry Cares - The AOA Foundation to help support expanding eye health and vision care access to everyone in the U.S.

There are so many more events at Optometry's Meeting® we want you to be part of, so plan accordingly so you don't miss the AOSA General Session, continuing education, the Optometric Residency Forum, and so much more!  Check Optometry's Meeting page for scheduling updates.

Questions?  Contact us at or 314.983.4167.

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