VSP spells doom, gloom to kill AOA-backed vision plan legislation

DOC Access Act to eliminate anti-patient, anti-competitive health and vision plan abuses.Read more >

November 23, 2016

FTC proposes Contact Lens Rule changes; AOA warns of inaction

Regulation would require doctors to obtain patient acknowledgement of contact lens prescription.Read more >

November 17, 2016

AOA’s privacy appeal prompts change at testing organization

AOA Board’s call to phase out use of SSNs hearkened, new tracker numbers implemented.Read more >

November 3, 2016

AOA promotes consumer choice, patient safety protections

About 80 staffers attend Oct. 25 briefing on Capitol Hill.Read more >

October 27, 2016

AOA calls for change, federal investigation following data breach

AOA Board calls for optometry testing organizations, state boards to phase out use of SSNs.Read more >

October 13, 2016

AOA, Congress urge VA to uphold promise of one standard of care for veterans

AOA issues 31 letters to companies, informing them of possible regulatory violations.Read more >

October 6, 2016