Diabetes: Understanding the patient perspective

Understanding the patient perspective directly influences care strategy and the need for continuity of care.Read more >

November 14, 2017

Detective work: Doctors of optometry can spot early signs of Alzheimer’s disease

An estimated 5.4 million Americans are affected by Alzheimer’s.Read more >

November 8, 2017

End of daylight saving time can drive home conversations about night vision

Half of traffic deaths occur at night, according to the National Safety Council.Read more >

November 3, 2017

4 tools, resources for diabetes care

AOA members lead the charge in the fight against diabetes.Read more >

November 1, 2017

Average child spends 48 minutes daily with mobile device, study says

Study reveals growing shift by children 0-8 years from watching television to viewing mobile devices.Read more >

October 27, 2017

Scientists find what on illegal contact lenses?

FDA report finds dangerous bacteria on counterfeit contact lenses.Read more >

October 10, 2017