Sleep apnea’s effect on the eyes

Ocular health issues may be common in sleep apnea patients.Read more >

August 7, 2015

Weighing aspirin use in AMD patients

Cardiovascular benefits could outweigh adverse vision effects.Read more >

August 4, 2015

AOA president underscores ongoing patient safety concerns raised by so-called ‘online exams’

Steven A. Loomis, O.D., details the potential pitfalls of separating refractive texts from in-person exams by eye care professionals. Read more >

July 29, 2015

AOA partners with CDC for Contact Lens Health Week

Use campaign resources to promote healthy vision for teens.Read more >

July 20, 2015

Spread awareness about swimming and eye protection

It’s not just chlorine that causes itchy, red eyes after swimmingRead more >

July 17, 2015

30 million and counting

InfantSEE® baby goes viral in big way.Read more >

July 16, 2015