AOA members’ TAYE discounts good until July 31

AOA members’ TAYE discounts good until July 31

Think About Your Eyes (TAYE) is the national consumer-facing advertising campaign designed to change public behavior with regard to how they think about vision health and how they think about their eyes.

This year's campaign is scheduled to kick off August 4 to coincide with the all-important time of year when parents focus on getting their children ready for school. The advertising will reach 95 percent of Americans ages 25 to 54, running on 20 cable TV networks in prime time, on drive-time radio in every U.S. market, on top-ranked Internet sites such as YouTube and CNN, and in national publications such as People and Sports Illustrated.  All of the messaging is designed to inspire consumers to schedule a comprehensive eye exam and—if they don't already have a regular eye doctor—to go to

TAYE is offering a discount to AOA members who sign up to be listed on the TAYE site before July 31, just in time to be included in the next round of advertising. A regular listing is available for $200 for a year, $50 off the regular price.  A premium listing is $399 for a year; its regular price is $500. To get the discount, use the code 'aoamember14' at sign-up.

Since July 2013, the TAYE campaign has run paid advertising reaching 120 million Americans, urging them to get their eyes examined annually. The campaign, managed by The Vision Council, has generated 925,000 visitors to, 76 percent clicking through to its practice locator—or more than 700,000 searches for doctors.

TAYE's success is being measured by growth in annual eye exams, explains Ed Greene, CEO of The Vision Council. From July, 2013, through March, 2014, the campaign generated a 4.3 percent increase in total eye exams. The first quarter of 2014 saw even stronger results, with a 7.2 percent year over year increase in total eye exams and a 9.1 percent increase in exams in independent private practice locations. TAYE is driving consumers to act, adds Greene.

The ads are paid for by campaign underwriters and individual eye care providers who choose to become listed on the TAYE practice locator. As of June, 2014, approximately 5,400 practices were listed, including the practices of 2,200 AOA members. One satisfied participant is Fred Dubick, O.D., president of the California Optometric Association.

At Optometry’s Meeting® in June, both outgoing President Mitchell T. Munson, O.D., and incoming President David A. Cockrell, O.D., urged the House of Delegates to encourage participation in TAYE, noting the TAYE campaign messages make eye exams and optometry top of mind.

July 18, 2014

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