CE in DC: What to expect from Optometry’s Meeting® education

CE in DC: What to expect from Optometry’s Meeting® education

Expanded continuing education (CE) programming ensures attendees can maximize their 2017 Optometry's Meeting® plans without losing out on all that the profession's premier conference has to o­ffer. Earn an unprecedented 36 ½ hours of CE credit across five days, or chart a CE path that's right for you.

This year's CE includes the exclusive "In the Pipeline" series on Wednesday that o­ffers a glimpse into the future of eye care—from stem cell technologies to wearable devices and robotics—as well as the "CE After Dark" track that o­ffers Friday evening courses through midnight, state-of-the-art digital ePoster sessions and joint OD-paraoptometric courses.  

Marc Bloomenstein, O.D., AOA's CE Subcommittee chair, says each year the committee challenges itself to provide high-caliber CE that not only is educational, but also is exceptionally entertaining—and this year is no di­fferent. In an interview, AOA Focus asked Dr. Bloomenstein what doctors can expect from the 2017 CE program.  

What is distinct about Optometry's Meeting CE?

Optometry's Meeting is the place where you can get it all—doctors of optometry, paraoptometrics and students come together to engage in practical education that is both innovative and familiar, with more panels to provide discussion, labs for hands-on work and new room setups to make learning both engaging and comfortable.  

What's new in the 2017 CE program?

We have added extra hours past dinnertime for those interested in getting even more education or who are too busy to make it to the afternoon sessions. In fact, we are going until midnight, to provide almost 12 straight hours of CE.  

Some of the best doctors in the profession will compete in a game show we call "Optometry's Match Game." We all don't have the same response for the same scenario, so this lecture will hopefully be an amusing way to see how similarly, yet di­fferently, we can view optometric challenges.  

A popular way to feel close to the speakers is our "Education in the Round" program, which will include a better stage and better views of the class content. Finally, this year you also can expect to see live demonstrations during lectures. We all know that it is easy to hear or read about something, but when it is being done by an expert live—wow!  

What can doctors expect from the CE program?

Doctors can expect state-of-the-art education in an environment that encourages participation. Optometry's Meeting is a gathering of the entire profession to share not only knowledge, but also concepts and practical ideas. The educational format is meant to carry those ideas of debate and opportunity, while keeping it practical for the practitioner. We want doctors, paraoptometrics and students to take what they hear at Optometry's Meeting and go straight into their practice and make a di­fference for their patients.  

Are there any courses doctors shouldn't miss?

Make it to one or both sessions of "Optometry's Match Game"—where else can you compete and learn on a '70s game-show stage? The "Pardon the Objection" series is back with more panels and more debate. And you especially don't want to miss the excitement of "CE After Dark."

April 18, 2017

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