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Emphasize UV awareness when recommending sunglasses

May is Ultraviolet Awareness Month, and as the days get longer and brighter, sunglasses become an essential accessory. Only 30 percent of Americans say UV protection is the most important factor when purchasing sunglasses, according to the AOA's 2014 American Eye-Q® Survey. That's why it's important to let patients know that your office is the best place to shop for shades.

The AOA, in partnership with the Opticians Association of America and with support from Luxottica and The Vision Council, created the SUN Initiative, a program that provides tools and free continuing education (CE) to help optometrists better inform patients about sun-related risks and guide sunglass purchasing decisions. Three CE courses—Protect, Prescribe, Present—are available online free to members. Here are some of those tips on how to present outdoor eyewear to patients this summer—and boost revenue in your practice.  

Build on trust
Patients are trusting, loyal and more receptive to discussing the importance of your recommendations. When it comes to outdoor eyewear, a patient becomes a consumer who wants to look as good as they are able to see.

  • Provide them with plenty of stylish, fashionable eyewear options
  • Create a positive experience, from reception to exam, and end with a purchase that satisfies

Outshine the competition
Patients choose to purchase eyewear from their OD because they believe that he or she offers the best in care and products. To ensure a patient comes to you for quality, protective outdoor eyewear:

  • Provide a comfortable and comprehensive retail experience
  • Make a strong case for the importance of outdoor eyewear
  • Offer cost-effective lens options and frame choices that treat all the visual needs your patient requires—not just one aspect of their daily lives

See to believe
Patients will quickly realize that their OD's office is the best place to buy sunglasses as long as the practice is presented that way.

  • Set up appealing displays of your merchandise so patients know right away what options are available to them
  • Offer several forms of information, whether in print or online, that can help them make a smart selection

Visit the AOA's continuing education portal, EyeLearnTM (member login required), for three courses—Protect, Prescribe, Present—available to members for free.  

Purchase the new sunglasses shopping guide and other informational products to share with your patients through AOA Marketplace.

April 28, 2014

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