How to show staff you care at the holidays.

Holiday harmony, thankfulness in the office

(Left to Right) Martha Williams, office manager; Paige Sewell, certified optician; James Humber, O.D.; and Charity Pitts, CPOA; stand behind the counter at Clarksdale Vision Center after decorating for the holidays.

'Twas a few weeks before Christmas, when all through the optical, Charity Pitts, CPOA, was stirring; her holiday cheer quite audible.

"We’re passing along that seasonal spirit of being close, happy and joyful—it’s just a wonderful feeling when you see your patients so excited to walk into the office."

"We have such a great time this time of year," Pitts says. "The entire office just screams Christmas with all our decorations."

'Screams' being the key word, considering any other word would be a gross understatement for the outright metamorphosis that Clarksdale Vision Center underwent from optometric office to Winter Wonderland. Credit goes to Pitts, the interior designer-turned-paraoptometric, after James Humber O.D., gave her the green light to quite literally deck the halls.

There's gold and silver, reds and greens, trees and lights, snowmen and snowflakes, and a full-sized glasses frame mannequin in the showcase window sporting an ornament dress and the latest eyewear. That's not to mention the show-stopper-500 shimmering ornaments hanging overhead, sparkling from the optical to the clinic.

"The kids think it's magical that the ornaments are hanging from the ceiling," Pitts says. "It definitely brings that holiday spirit for all of us here, and all of our patients, too. To see the little ones-their joy and happiness-it brings a smile to your face to see how excited they are."

Warm workplace

In the same breath, Pitts passes recognition and praise on to Dr. Humber for fostering the festive work environment. For his part, Dr. Humber says he's happy to recognize the skillsets of his staff. It's a win-win scenario that creates an inviting, enchanted atmosphere for patients, and a warm place of employment that promotes a sense of camaraderie.

Only several weeks earlier, staff surprised Dr. Humber with a Boss's Day celebration of cake, balloons and a gift, while the practice's Christmas celebration returns the favor with an office party, gifts and time off at the holidays for family. The practice also comes together for a community donation event, 'adopting' a child or two at the holidays to give presents and care. All told, the holidays are a bright, spirited time for Clarksdale Vision Center, and Dr. Humber says the holiday décor helps get everyone in the festive mood, inside and outside of the practice.

"Lots of people tell us they can't wait to drive by and see what we have in our front window," Dr. Humber says. "The staff really enjoy the festive atmosphere, and our patients always comment on how great our office looks. It's a great way to keep our patients engaged, and it is just a lot of fun for us as well."

Pitts adds: "It's absolutely wonderful that we go all out for the holidays. We're passing along that seasonal spirit of being close, happy and joyful-it's just a wonderful feeling when you see your patients so excited to walk into the office."

Now, before their pediatric patients go home to nestle all snug in their beds, it's visions of Clarksdale Vision Center's holiday cheer that's left dancing in their heads.

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November 29, 2017

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