AOA encourages members to protect themselves against global cyberattacks

Take steps for protection after May 12 “WannaCry” virus spreads to 150 countries.Read more >

May 17, 2017

9 business solutions for doctors, practices

AOAExcel® offers services to help manage the business side of optometry.Read more >

May 1, 2017

Review payments information by May 15

2016 payments from drug and medical device manufacturers will be reported publicly June 30.Read more >

April 20, 2017

Celebrate Earth Day: Go green in your practice

Doctors of optometry share tips for running an environmentally mindful practice.Read more >

April 20, 2017

Help optometric staff earn certification in 2018

Deadlines loom for staff to earn their certifications and complete renewals in 2017.Read more >

April 10, 2017

AOA cautions against email phishing scams

Take precautions to protect yourself, practice against scammers.Read more >

April 4, 2017