How high copays impact your practice

Physicians sometimes struggle with how to collect the appropriate payment amount from the patient.Read more >

August 24, 2017

Eye and vision concerns eclipse Aug. 21 celestial phenomenon

AOA urges concerned patients to see their doctors of optometry.Read more >

August 23, 2017

Twitter chat spreads healthy contacts message

Join CDC’s Contact Lens Health Week, Aug. 21-25.Read more >

August 23, 2017

Presence of mucin balls more of a menace than thought

Silicone hydrogel lenses appear to produce more mucin balls.Read more >

August 21, 2017

All in the family: Babcock family provides 101 years of eye care

For over a century, these doctors of optometry have treated patients the way they would want to be treated.Read more >

August 18, 2017

AOA MORE: Vendor updates, new MIPS guidance

Data is the name of the game when it comes to Medicare's new payment program, which is why AOA offers doctors of optometry support in collecting reporting requirements through the profession's qualified clinical data registry (QCDR).Read more >

August 18, 2017