Topic 3: Provide a record of student complaints received directly by ACOE to site visit teams.

Excerpt from USDE Staff Analysis

-- The agency needs to ensure that any record of student complaints that was received directly by ACOE is made available to the on-site visiting team. [§602.16(a)(1)(ix)]

  ACOE Proposed changes to address Topic 3:

That the Council accepts the following revision to the ACOE Accreditation Manuals Chapter IV in the "Protocol for Evaluation Team Members" section for distribution to the community of interest for comment:  (Wording to be added is underlined.  Wording to be deleted is struckthrough.)

 "2. Members will be mailed the program's self-study report, previous evaluation report, and previous annual reports of the program, and a record of any complaints received by the ACOE in accordance with the ACOE complaint procedure since the most recent evaluation visit, along with the resolution of the complaint(s).  Team members are expected to familiarize themselves with these materials prior to the visit, and to request any additional needed materials as soon as the need is identified."

 In addition, in the ACOE Accreditation Manuals in Chapter VI in the section pertaining to "Procedures for Review of Complaints Alleging Violation of ACOE Standards by Accredited Programs," the ACOE accepts the addition of the following paragraph for distribution to the community interest for comment:

 "The ACOE will maintain records of complaints about accredited programs received as well as the resolution of the complaints.  Pursuant to U.S.D.E. policies, evaluation teams will receive records of any complaints pertaining to a program being reviewed that have been received since the program's previous evaluation visit."

Please review the above proposed policy change and send any comments you might have by no later than January 27, 2014 via email to; mail to Joyce Urbeck, ACOE Administrative Director, 243 N. Lindbergh Blvd., Floor 1, St. Louis. MO 63141; or fax to 314/991-4101.

The ACOE will consider the comments received and the adoption of the policy at the ACOE Winter Meeting on February 7-9, 2014.