Call for Comments on Proposed Changes

 Invitation to provide input on the ACOE O.D. Accreditation Standards

The Accreditation Council on Optometric Education invites you to provide the ACOE with feedback on the Council's current professional optometric degree program standards as part of the comprehensive review of the standards, which occurs every five years.  At the bottom of this message are links to a 2 part Web-based Survey.  Please complete the surveys by July 31, 2014.  Because of the length of the standards, we have broken the survey into two parts.  We ask that you complete both parts.  It is not necessary to complete both parts at the same time, but once you begin a part, you must complete it in its entirety, or your data will not be saved. 

To access the standards surveys, please either click on the links below or cut and paste them into your Web browser:

Part 1 Standards 1-4:

Part 2 Standards 5-8:

Rate your level of agreement on a scale ranging from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree for each standard and sub-standard on the following two factors:

Criticality:  Compliance with this standard is critical to assure the continued quality of a professional optometric degree program.

Clarity:  The meaning of the standard is clear.  

We welcome your comments on all aspects of the current standards, and a space for comments has been provided by each standard.  (If you have no comments, you may leave these areas blank.)  We also welcome your comments on each of the eight main standard areas as a whole, and we request that you provide any comments on additional areas which you believe need to be covered.  If you wish to view the entire text of the current professional optometric degree standards prior to beginning the survey, visit Optometric Degree Program Resources in the Accreditation Resources section of the ACOE web site.  Thank you for your input.  

This call for comments was posted on 6/12/2014.