Membership Benefits

Why Should I Belong?

Return on Annual Dues Investment Through:

  • Manufacturers discount coupons
  • Updates on late-breaking contact lens news

CLCS Speaks to and Educates on Your Behalf:

  • Media
  • Governmental agencies
  • State legislative action groups
  • AOA optometrists
  • Contact lens educators
  • Other health care providers
  • Industry
  • Public

Increase Your Professional Skills Through:

  • Annual AOA Optometry's Meeting® CE
  • Availability of resource materials and information
  • Timely clinical alerts on subjects such as AIDS, Fusarium keratitis, Acanthamoeba keratitis, and bacterial keratitis

Peer Recognition Through:

  • Participation in continuing education activities
  • Involvement in committee activities
  • Publication of clinical papers
  • Opportunities for leadership experience

CLCS Activities: 

Voice to the FDA:
Provided input to FDA Ophthalmic Devices Panel held in May 2014.
A member of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Contact Lenses Workgroup: in ongoing communication with CDC regarding contact lens safety recommendations.
Created for our patients to find answers.  The website houses the 50 most commonly asked questions regarding contact lenses, with referenced responses.  It is a great resource for patients, practitioners and the media.  There is an option to submit question not listed.  Over 4000 unique visitors in first quarter of 2013 alone.

Contact Lens Summit at OM:  
A panel presentation with discussion involving audience participation. 2013: Contact Lenses: Usage and Trends; explored what modalities of contact lenses are being prescribed in light of research findings.  Developed and published a supplement highlighting the findings at:  2014: Controversies in Contact Lens Care:  Top questions in lens care and fitting discussed with industry updates

Contact Lens Website Refresh:

To heighten the publics awareness of the good things CL's offer; currently waiting for funding Redesigning CLCS section of the AOA Website: Making the AOA 

Anterior Segment Catalog: A library of peer reviewed images of various anterior segment condition. We continue to build content with your help -

Please submit photos to www.