Kemin Health Offers FREE FloraGLO Lutein Brochures

Kemin, sponsor of the AOA VRS "Reducing the Risk of Age-Related Vision Loss" Course, is offering FREE patient lutein brochures to optometric clinics. The brochure contains:

  • a basic overview of foods containing lutein
  • how much lutein is needed per day
  • why is it important to replenish lutein levels daily
  • lutein's role in maintaining healthy vision 

The brochure is available in both English and Spanish in bundles of 50.

To view the brochure online and to receive free copies for your office, visit  Orders may also be placed by e-mailing Kemin directly at

About Lutein

Lutein science has more than tripled over the last few years and now more than 200 published studies support lutein's eye health benefits. Research suggests 10 mg of lutein each day is vital for increasing macular pigment density and reducing the likelihood of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and other serious eye conditions. The next major independent study will be the second Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS2) conducted by the National Eye Institute.