Employment of Optometric Staff

Optometric staff include allied health professionals who assist optometrists in providing vision care to patients. Staff may perform a variety of duties such as front desk procedures, billing and coding of insurance claims and patient scheduling, pre-testing, taking detailed patient histories, measuring visual acuity, contact lens procedures and instructions, and dispensing of eyewear. This report provides descriptive statistics on the employment of optometric staff in optometry practices within the United States for the year 2013.

Contents include:

  • Percentage of optometry practices employing optometric staff
  • Average weekly/hourly salary of optometric staff, by type
  • Percentage of optometric staff per practice, by type
  • AOA Paraoptometric Section and Commission on Paraoptometric Certification 

Reports from the 2014 Survey include:




Tables & Figures

Executive Summary
Brief Summary
Detailed Analysis Report
Limited Narrative

Executive Summary. This free publication is available for immediate download in PDF format and provides an overall summary of key results from the 2014 survey.

Detailed Analysis Report. This detailed comprehensive report employs limited narrative, and includes tabulations and graphics for further statistical analysis. Utilizing cross tabulation, this report enables the user to monitor trends in the optometric profession specific to his or her practice characteristics, including practice type and U.S. Census Region. This report is available in downloadable PDF or Print formats.

             View the Detailed Analysis Table of Contents, List of Figures, List of Tables 

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