Survey Report Prices

The AOA's statistically significant data is a valuable tool to keep your practice up-to-date on current trends in the optometry profession. Not a member? Visit our Member Benefits and Services page or Join today!

The Print and CD products are available for purchase through the AOA Marketplace by calling 1-800-262-2210. PDF reports are currently unavailable as we transition to our new online store. 

The Income from Optometry, Employment of Optometric Staff, Practicing Optometrists & their Patients, New Technology & EHR, and Clinical Practice Survey each have an Optometry Report and a Detailed Analysis Report.

Optometry Reports and Consumer Survey

Member Non-Member
PDF $10 $100
CD $35 $125
Print $50 $150


Detailed Analysis Reports 

Member and Non-Member


Caring for the Eyes of America

Member Non-Member
PDF $300 $500
CD $325 $525