Certified Paraoptometric (CPO) Sample Test Questions

1. Lenses that are designed to correct vision at one distance are called:
  1. single vision
  2. multifocal
  3. cylindrical
  4. progressive addition
2. A mydriatic drop is used to:
  1. desensitize the cornea
  2. inactivate the ciliary body
  3. dilate the pupil
  4. constrict the pupil
3. Each eye has how many muscles to assist in ocular excursions?
  1. two
  2. four
  3. six
  4. eight
4. Contact lenses with a high water content contain:
  1. 55% or greater water content
  2. 38% water or less
  3. less than 36.8 percent water
  4. greater than 80% water
5. An eye disease characterized by an intraocular pressure which exceeds normal limits is:
  1. aphakia
  2. amblyopia
  3. keratoconus
  4. glaucoma
6. Myopia is commonly called:
  1. farsightedness
  2. astigmatism
  3. nearsightedness
  4. night blindness
7. The person generally responsible for the grinding or duplicating of lenses trained in either an apprenticeship program or community college is an:
  1. optician
  2. optometrist
  3. ophthalmologist
  4. oculist
8. Inflammation of the eyelids is called:
  1. conjunctivitis
  2. blepharitis
  3. chalazion
  4. pseudophakia
9. The ability of the eye to focus objects at varying distances is known as:
  1. objectivity
  2. reflection
  3. objectivity
  4. accommodation
10. When presenting the fee offer payment by cash, check or credit card followed by:
  1. verbal and written explanation of fees
  2. an apology for the fee
  3. the option to bill later
  4. explanation that half is due at the time of their visit

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A list of recommended study resources for the CPO can be found on the AOA Web site by following this link: http://www.aoa.org/x11263.xml