Exam Schedule

The CPC provides the schedule for the 2016 regional examinations. The CPOTM, CPOATM, CPOTTM, and CPOCTM examinations are administered during an established two-week testing period four times yearly, Monday through Saturday excluding holidays, at computer-based testing facilities managed by PSI.

2016 Examination Dates

Application Deadlines

Exam Dates

1/15/16 (9:00 PM EDT) 2/06/16—2/20/16
4/15/16 (9:00 PM EDT) 5/07/16—5/21/16
7/15/16 (9:00 PM EDT) 8/13/16—8/27/16
10/03/16 (9:00 PM EDT) 11/05/16—11/19/16

Prior to Submitting an Examination Application:

  • Candidates will be held accountable for knowing the policies and procedures set forth in the handbook.
  • Candidates should keep in mind that the commitment to certification does not end with passing the examination.
  • Once a certification is attained participation in continuing education and submission of a renewal fee is required in order to maintain a current certification.

Find a testing location through PSI

  • Select the sponsor of the examination you are taking from the list (Commission on Paraoptometric Certification/CPC)
  • Select your state to view testing centers matching your specified criteria

To find a test site, click here.


Once your application has been received and processed, and your eligibility verified, an Eligibility Notice will be emailed to you within the 6 week period preceding the start of the testing period. Eligibility Notices are emailed from "Test Administration (PTC) notices@ptcny.com." Applicants should add the "ptcny.com" domain name to their safe list. During the course of the online application, candidates can also expect to receive notices from the automated processing system from support@ptcny.com or eforms@ptcny.com. Subject lines for eligibility notices are displayed in this format:  "Exam Abbreviation - [PTC ID] - Examination Eligibility Notice" for example:  "CPC-CPO - [P21855134] - Examination Eligibility Notice".   

Within 5 weeks prior to the first day of the testing period, you will be sent an Eligibility Notice by email. Print this Eligibility Notice and bring it along with your driver’s license or passport in order to gain admission to the testing center. If you do not receive an Eligibility Notice at least three weeks before the beginning of the testing period, contact the Professional Testing Corporation at (212) 356-0660 for a duplicate.

Clinical exam candidates cannot schedule their examination appointments on their own. A representative from PSI will contact Clinical Exam candidates directly for scheduling 3-5 days after receipt of their eligibility notice. If you do not receive a call from PSI to schedule your appointment within that time frame contact PTC immediately by calling 212-356-0660.

Arrival at the testing site at the appointed time is the responsibility of the candidate. Please plan for weather, traffic, parking, and any security requirements that are specific to the testing location. Late arrival may prevent you from testing.

The Eligibility Notice plus current government issued photo identification must be presented in order to gain admission to the testing center. The name on your examination application must match your photo ID name exactly. A candidate not receiving an Eligibility Notice or other correspondence at least two weeks before the beginning of the two-week testing period should contact the Professional Testing Corporation by telephone at (212) 356-0660. The Eligibility Notice will indicate where to call to schedule your examination appointment as well as the dates in which testing is available. Appointment times are first-come, first-served. Schedule your appointment as soon as you receive your Eligibility Notice in order to maximize your chance of testing at your preferred location and on your preferred date. 


Special testing arrangements will be made for individuals with special needs. Submit the application, examination fee, and a completed and signed Request for Special Accommodations Form, available from www.ptcny.com or by calling PTC at (212) 356-0660. Requests for special testing for individuals with special needs must be received at least EIGHT weeks before the testing date.


If you need to cancel your examination appointment or reschedule to a different date within the two-week testing period, you must contact PSI/LaserGrade at (800) 211-2754 no later than noon, Eastern Standard Time, of the second business day PRIOR to your scheduled appointment. If you decide to reschedule to the next testing period and have already attained an appointment, you must contact PSI to cancel your appointment, then notify CPC of your intent to reschedule. Rescheduling to the next examination period will require submission of a new application. The $200 reschedule fee and new application will be due by the application deadline. Candidates who fail to notify CPC of their intent to reschedule will forfeit the entire examination fee and will be marked as a "no show."