Fitting Soft Toric Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are the most widely prescribed contact lenses in the United States today. They boast immediate and long term comfort for the wearer and they provide excellent vision for the myopic and hyperopic patient. What about patients with astigmatism? Can they also enjoy the benefits of a soft contact lens? Of course they can! Soft toric contact lenses also provide excellent vision and comfort; and today's soft toric contact lenses have a high degree of accuracy and reproducibility. But even with this, they are not used as often as they should or could be. There remains a mysterious air about toric contact lenses that finds them under utilized by today's practitioners. It also means astigmatic patients aren't enjoying the same visual excellence that other soft contact lens wearers enjoy. Join us for Soft Toric Contact Lenses and let us help to take away some of the mystery of soft toric contact lenses.



Fitting Soft Toric Contact Lens

  • Who are Soft Toric Lens candidates?
  • Challenging Soft Toric Lens candidates
  • Methods of Soft Toric Lens stabilization
  • Soft Toric Lens fitting
  • Soft Toric Lens power determination
  • Dispensing Soft Toric Lenses to ensure patient success
  • Troubleshooting the lens power
  • Soft Toric Lens follow-up

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