Ophthalmic Dispensing Module

Many times, an optometric assistant's job requires the ability to identify and solve a variety of eyewear problems. Effectively working with ophthalmic prescriptions requires the assistant to blend the art of understanding the patients' needs along with the science of ophthalmic lenses. The ideal to which all dispensers should aspire is to anticipate and avoid problems before they occur. When something unexpected occurs however, the assistant must be able to isolate and correct the problem. At times, the correction will require a remake, but often the solution rests with a minor adaptation to the existing eyewear. This course is designed for the paraoptometric with one to three years of experience in the dispensary. The learning objectives "Ophthalmic Dispensing" are:

  1. Describe the electromagnetic wave theory and how it applies to and effects human vision
  2. Locate and diagram lens power in any given meridian of a lens
  3. Diagram and explain parts and characteristics of a prism
  4. Describe how combinations of prisms relate to lenses
  5. Compute prismatic effect and base direction of a given lens
  6. Explain the function of a lens clock and distometer
  7. Explain the effects of vertex changes for plus and minus lenses
  8. Transpose any prescription from + to - cylinder or from - to + cylinder form

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