Thyroid Eye Disease: The Critical Diagnosis We May Miss Every Day

Sponsored By: Houston Methodist Research Institute

September 20, 2014

Houston Methodist Research Institute

Houston, TX

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Thyroid Eye Disease (TED), believed to be one of the most common autoimmune disorders in the world, affects at least one in ten women in the United States by the age of 50, but is commonly unrecognized and/or misdiagnosed. TED may occur with high, low, or totally normal thyroid function and is actually a family of disorders more accurately diagnosed clinically than by the three commercially-available antibody blood tests. A correct diagnosis is not only important for ocular health and comfort, but early diagnosis can be life-saving, very frequently has profound psychosocial impact, and can provide important information to families since the majority of TED is felt to be inherited through an autosomal dominant pattern. This course will address how to recognize TED for proper diagnosis in addition to treatment options and practical management of patients with TED.


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