2020 Eye Exam Career Ladder Become Even More Valuable to Your Practice

Optometry's national mobilization for America's year of the eye exam

In 2020, the American Optometric Association (AOA), affiliate organizations and doctors of optometry are implementing a multi-channel initiative activating the public with optometry's message: Make 2020 the year to schedule an in-person eye exam with an AOA family doctor of optometry!

Here is how we will get the message out:

Employer Pledge
Enlisting visionary employers across the country to get the message to their employees and families.
Activating Employers
Driving public awareness of doctors of optometry
Engaging with online and offline media 24/7/365 to remind Americans of the important care doctors of optometry to deliver and working together with Think About Your Eyes (TAYE) to encourage Americans to take action.
Public Awareness
New AOA.org
Creating a completely redesigned space to engage with doctors and patients, including a state-of-the-art "Find A Doctor" feature.
Website Redesign
Educating physician colleagues about optometry's critical role
Developing outreach materials for doctors to connect with other professions and highlight the important primary eye health care they deliver every day, ultimately building new, patient-referral driving relationships in their communities.
Public & Professional Education
Contemporary & Future practice advocacy
Through the Future Practice Initiative, working to change laws and regulations at the state level to expand patient access to care to keep the practice and profession of optometry on the leading edge.
Future Practice Iniative

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