Colleague to colleague

As health care continues to move to a model of coordinated care, it is more important than ever that health care providers connect, understand the different types of care that each provides and work together to enhance and improve the quality of care they deliver together to patients.

According to the 2018 AOA American Eye-Q® Survey, 93 percent of Americans value the health of their eyes as much as the health of their heart and lungs, yet one-third admit they do not know how to take good care of their eyes. Many eye and vision disorders have no obvious symptoms, so individuals are often unaware when a problem exists. This makes preventive care even more important. Early detection of a disease or condition allows treatment to start sooner, when it may be more effective, and decreases the risk of vision impairment and permanent damage to sight. Unfortunately, only 56 percent of respondents to the Eye-Q® survey report getting exams and/or taking care of their eye health.

In-person, comprehensive eye exams are recognized as an important intervention and early detection of conditions that can be identified through an eye exam can reduce more costly treatment later on. AOA wants to empower doctors of optometry to reach out to health care colleagues about the important care they deliver to patients across the country.

You can find information here on how to engage your health care provider colleagues. Come back through 2020 as AOA adds more toolkits for provider outreach.

Pediatrician Toolkit