Millions of Americans are exposed to excessive screen time, particularly those who work in office jobs. AOA’s Eye Deserve More campaign released a new report revealing the cost of unmanaged screen time symptoms to be $151 billion per year and how doctors of optometry play an essential role in preventing further costs through annual comprehensive exams. Read the full report.
The profession's premier annual event comes to Nashville, Tennessee, June 19-22, for four days of industry-renowned continuing education and staff training, exhibits, networking, career-building opportunities and more. Early bird registration is available through March 31.
Reimbursement and coverage fairness for doctors of optometry continues to be one of the AOA’s highest advocacy priorities. Access the AOA Health and Vision Plan Action Report, a daily tally of member-doctor challenges with plans, to see how the AOA is advocating on behalf of the profession.


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Seeing the eclipse, and the AOA, everywhere

Ahead of this year’s total solar eclipse, the AOA and doctors of optometry jumped in early and often to educate the public about eye safety.

Does your practice do in-house billing? Here’s something to know

Save 10 hours, see 11 more patients each week—that’s how much time doctors say they recapture weekly by delegating nonphysician tasks to well-trained or certified staff.

Protecting patient privacy when a clinical observer visits

An optometry student is shadowing you at your practice. Does your patient need to give their consent?

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