Symptoms associated with excessive unmanaged screen time cost $151 billion in health system, productivity, and wellbeing costs in 2023, per a new AOA report. Access the full report to learn how much of an impact excessive, unmanaged screen time has on Americans.
The AOA has opened a public comment period, now through Aug. 31, for concerned members of the profession with health and technology expertise to provide insight into current and emerging quality care delivery issues related to remote care, AI, and new or planned technologies. Review and submit your input and recommendations.
Reimbursement and coverage fairness for doctors of optometry continues to be one of the AOA’s highest advocacy priorities. Access the AOA Health and Vision Plan Action Report, a daily tally of member-doctor challenges with plans, to see how the AOA is advocating on behalf of the profession.


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AOA members help Olympians gain an edge

The countdown to the Olympic Games in Paris is on. Discover how AOA member optometrists have helped elite athletes prepare.

‘Advocacy is our history and our future’

Why—and how—to be an advocate for optometry.

Tackling TBI

Optometrists play an integral role in assessing and treating patients with traumatic brain injuries.

July 17 - 20, 2024
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