Oral History Collection

The Archives & Museum of Optometry has transcripts and audiocassette tapes produced by members of the AOA in collaboration with the International Library, Archives & Museum of Optometry's Oral History Project (1967-1972).  The objective of the Oral History Project was to capture the experiences of early leaders in American optometry through oral interviews conducted by fellow optometrists.  AOA Librarian, Maria Dablemont, spearheaded the Project in 1967 in order develop the Archives collections. Digitization of the interviews and production of a finding aid which will include biographies and links to related materials in the Archives & Museum are in progress.

Oral History Recordings and Transcripts (by Informant)

Alexander, E.B. , 1969

Allen, Damon E., 1968 or 1969

Bannon, Robert E., 1970

Bartley, S. Howard, 1970

Bear, Oscar C., 1972

Braff, Solon, 1979

Britton, Robert B. , 1969

Coleman, Howard, 1969

Dablemont, Maria, 1969, 1970

Dickens, Paul 1968 or 1969

Eger, Milton, December 1968, 1969, 1970 (see also Kiekenapp, Ernest H. and Kohn, Harold)

Egerberg, Dr., 1969

Feinbloom, William

Fisher, E.J., December 1968

Fisher, Harold M., 1970

Freeman, Harry, 1970

Greenspoon, Morton, 1971

Greenspoon, Reuben, 1970, 1971 (see also Schiffer, Robert J.)

     Transcript, Part I, 1970

     Transcript, part II, 1971

Haffner, Alden N., 1969

Hirsch, Monroe J., December 1968

Hirsch, Monroe J., December 1968

Hoare, Arthur

Johnson, David E., 1968, 1969

Kiekenapp, Ernest H., 1967, 1970 (see also, Dablemont, Maria and Eger, Milton)

     Transcript, 1967

     Transcript, 1970

Koch, Carel, December 1968

Kohn, Harold, 1970 (see also, Eger, Milton and Haffner, Alden N.)

     Transcript, 1970

McGuire, Ed W., 1968 or 1969

McKee, Morris, 1972

Milkie, George M., 1969, 1970, 1971 (see also Greenspoon, Reuben and Schiffer, Robert)

Mote, Herbert G., 1969, 1972

Powell, C. Clayton, 1970

Ryer, E. LeRoy

Sauer, Larry, 1969

Schiffer, Robert J., 1971 (see also, Greenspoon, Reuben)

     Transcript, 1971 

Schuman, William P., 1970