What's In A Name?

What's in a Name?: From Refracting Optician to Optometrist

The Archives holds rare periodicals that chronicle the development of the profession and the evolution of the American Optometric Association from the date of its inception as the American Association of Opticians in 1898.  In 1914, the Association was still named The American Optical Association, despite its adoption of the term "optometrist" to describe its members in 1904.  Clement Edgar's editorial in the premier publication of the time, The Optical Journal and Review (Volume 33, Number 11), is a harbinger of the growing solidarity of "refracting opticians"  under the title "optometrist" and the Association's place as the voice of professional optometry.  Indeed, in 1918, the Association changed its name to the American Optometric Association.

Call it The American Optometric AssociationCall it The American Optometric Association