Optometry History Timelines

The history of optometry is full of events, people, organizations, and stories, coming together to reveal a proud heritage and confident future. Many significant histories have been written that document in detail the development of the profession. Timelines provide a short chronological “snapshot” of selected historical milestones, with key dates, people and important events. Here you will find two, a general timeline of optometric history, and a timeline history of the American Optometric Association (AOA).

Scroll down the timeline or choose a decade from the list at the left. Many dates have photos that help tell the story. Click on thumbnails to see the full images.

Resources from The Archives & Museum of Optometry were used to create this history. We share it in appreciation for all who helped shape the profession of optometry, and for those who continue to serve and shape it and write the next chapter of the story.  Thank you!