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You can help preserve optometry's history!

The Archives & Museum of Optometry's current holdings comprise more than 100 years of archival material and museum objects culled from the International, Library, and Museum of Optometry's collections.  Unfortunately, much of this material is in need of conservation and preservation treatment in order to ensure these resources will be accessible to future generations. These projects require significant staff time, expertise, and materials.  We encourage you to make a donation to assist us in this effort to preserve the history of profession and the AOA. To make a donation, click


Please be sure to select "Museum and Archives" from the "Program Designation" dropdown menu.

We are working hard to bring this hidden collection into the digital age! Our old card catalog is being converted to an electronic system that will help us to create better finding aids and provide access to our materials. Converting the catalog will allow us to share what we have on our website and to continue to build our collections. We need funds to provide us with storage space, staffing and equipment.

Our ongoing projects include:


Our photograph collection is in need of conservation treatment. Many photographs have been stored incorrectly and require flattening and stabilization treatment by a qualified conservator. Only after conservation is performed can preservation techniques be applied to digitize these invaluable historical objects. We need funds to acquire conservation training for our staff and professional treatment for our at-risk photographs.


Even the most stable media, such as printed material, requires specialized housing. The acid in non-archival paper and boxes weakens and damages our paper and print records. The majority of our material is stored in non-archival folders and boxes. Archival storage materials are expensive and need to be rotated periodically. We need funds for housing and rehousing both our print resources and our other objects so that they may be stored in a way that ensures they survive the long haul.

Digital Preservation

The Archives & Museum of Optometry has thousands of magnetic audiocassettes, VHS tapes, vinyl LPs and even motion picture reels in need of digital conversion. These materials hold conference proceedings, oral histories, public service announcements, press conferences, educational programs and a variety of other unique AOA productions. These media decay rapidly and analog-to-digital conversion is time consuming and expensive.