The American Optometric Association upholds and advances diversity, equity and inclusion. AOA is committed to advancing the diversity of the profession of optometry, nurturing an organizational culture that is committed to diversity and inclusion and continuing efforts to ensure access to care. These endeavors enable AOA to further the profession of optometry and improve the eye, vision and overall health of the public.

Enhancing the Diversity of the Profession of Optometry

We are committed to implementing initiatives that attract more underrepresented minorities to the profession, engage diverse doctors, students and paraprofessionals in leadership roles and providing the tools and resources to support them, including continuing education.

Nurturing an Organizational Culture Committed to Diversity and Inclusion

AOA is committed to nurturing a staff culture that embraces the value of diversity and inclusion through ongoing training and collective efforts aimed at reinforcing the importance of a diverse and inclusive team. Advancing the principles of diversity and inclusion in the workplace is important to improved collaboration and morale as well as greater innovation, productivity, and representation in the work we do to uphold the profession of optometry and public access to the care doctors of optometry deliver to the public.

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