InfantSEE celebrates 16th birthday and impact on more than 160,000 of the youngest patients

December 13, 2021
Program sets sights on helping ensure a lifetime of healthy vision for all children.

ST. LOUIS, December 30, 2021–InfantSEE®, a program from Optometry Cares®—The AOA Foundation, marks its 16th year of providing no-cost, comprehensive eye and vision health assessments for infants. The initiative, supported from the beginning by long-time AOA visionary supporter Johnson and Johnson Vision, has enlisted doctors across the country to deliver more than 160,000 assessments to children to date and looks forward to continued growth in the new year.

The early detection and intervention afforded infants in their first year of life by InfantSEE assessments have helped prevent a lifetime of vision complications, ranging from amblyopia and strabismus to sight-threatening retinoblastomas. But, even early intervention for routine refractive errors ensures infants have healthy vision for successful development.

“I’m proud of InfantSEE because we have been able to introduce the care of younger children to the American public. That is huge, because we’re seeing so many babies that have risk factors, many more than we ever expected,” said Glen Steele, O.D., InfantSEE's past chair. “We’re finding one in 10 babies now has a risk factor that needs to be addressed, either followed or through intervention. So finding those babies who need intervention and need guidance is really a hallmark of our program.”

To mark the anniversary year, InfantSEE hosted a series of events, including four virtual parties and two pop-ups at Optometry’s Meeting in Denver, attended by more than 320 students in total. During the pop-ups students had an in-person opportunity to see a live eye and vision health assessment with an infant to gain first-hand experience and witness the value of the exam.

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