American Optometric Association Announces Optometric Registry EHR Vendors

April 30, 2015

St. Louis, MO - The American Optometric Association (AOA) announced three EHR vendors that will integrate with the profession's new optometric registry, AOA MORE (Measures and Outcomes Registry for Eyecare), by Prometheus ResearchTM.  The initial EHR vendors include:

  • Eyecare Advantage by Compulink Business Systems, Inc.
  • MaximEyes by First Insight®
  • RevolutionEHR by Health Innovation Technologies

AOA MORE is a private, secure database that will integrate data from a doctor's EHR to provide a systematic way of collecting real-time patient data and reporting data as needed. The data from AOA MORE will promote clinical improvement through self-benchmarking, outcomes and population analytics and will support increased access and scope of care.   

"We are very excited about the eagerness of our three vendors that are coming onboard from the start with AOA MORE," said Jeff Michaels, O.D., chair of the AOA's Quality Improvement and Registries Committee, which is overseeing the development of AOA's MORE. "The Medicare payment reform that passed in April 2015 places a lot of emphasis on registry use as does Stage 3 meaningful use. We are proud that our members will be at the table for these value-based reforms."

"Prometheus Research is proud to partner with the AOA in building this unique optometric registry that promises to take the profession to the next level of care, offering doctors of optometrys the opportunity to securely report clinical data, benchmark performance with peers and improve patient outcomes," said David Voccola, chief business development officer of Prometheus Research. 

Optometric practices use a variety of EHR systems and AOA MORE will add more EHR vendors in the near future. "Following the launch at Optometry's Meeting, we will be adding additional EHR vendors," added Dr. Michaels.  

Proud to integrate with AOA MORE

AOA MORE EHR vendors are dedicated to improving outcomes for patients and improving the future of the optometric profession. 

"First Insight is honored that MaximEyes EHR has been selected as one of the first to integrate with AOA MORE," said Nitin Rai, president and CEO of First Insight. "Our technical team is in sync with the process the AOA has in place and we will continue to work diligently to be a productive partner in AOA MORE."

"We're honored to partner with AOA and their launch of AOA MORE to provide doctors of optometrys with the first-ever opportunity to collaborate around the data from the primary eye care services that they render," said Scott Jens, O.D., RevolutionEHR CEO. "RevolutionEHR's integration with AOA MORE creates an opportunity for our community of doctors of optometry to provide evidence about the value of their optometric care through important benchmarking and outcome analysis."

"We're very proud to partner with AOA in developing this registry," said Link Wilson, Compulink CEO. "Enabling the thousands of providers who use our EHR, along with the 16 colleges of optometry we service to collaborate with each other and every other optometrist in the country is truly exciting." 

The registry is an AOA member benefit, but will be available to nonmembers for a fee. AOA MORE continues trial testing in select practices nationwide and will launch at Optometry's Meeting®2015 in Seattle, Washington, June 24-28.