Third Party Executive Committee

The Third Party Center executive committee is comprised of volunteer optometrists who play an advocacy role as it relates to optometry's participation in third party health care programs.

Third Party Center executive committee volunteers strive to continually stay abreast of third party and healthcare developments by regularly attending meetings and conferences nationwide, which include but not limited to meetings/conferences presented by World HealthCare Congress, National Business Coalition on Health, AHIP, and Midwest Business Coalition on Health. From these meetings/conferences, TPC is able to evaluate and determine the impact of healthcare policy changes on Optometry. In addition, TPC staff and executive committee volunteers are able to meet and develop relationships with major decision-makers in the third party health care delivery arena to promote the benefits of access and integration of eye health and vision care. The information gleaned is then used to develop AOA programming that best prepares the practicing optometrist to succeed in the managed care market place.

Third Party Center executive committee volunteers also act as consultant and liaison to insurance plans, managed care systems, large employers, employer coalitions, and other organizations involved with third party health care delivery. As part of this process, the TPC promotes and encourages rational inclusion of optometry as a panel provider of medical eye care services.

The Third Party Center executive committee also plays a major role in educating AOA member optometrists on third party health care delivery so that they may succeed in the managed care environment in which they practice.  Third Party Payer conferences are held periodically to train and educate third party chairs, officers, and executive directors from each of the state associations. A state coordinator program connects each state's third party chair and coordinator with a third party center executive committee liaison. This program, which also includes quarterly state coordinators calls, offers TPC members an excellent network of contacts from whom they can learn about problems that practicing ODs are having in each state.  TPC also disseminates a monthly Eye on Advocacy newsletter to keep member optometrists abreast of third party trends and issues.

 In order to be "The Voice" of optometry to national code setting organizations, and advance optometry's interests in national coding decisions, the Third Party Center executive committee volunteers monitor the development and use of appropriate and uniform coding systems. Since 1994, a member of the TPC has held a seat on the American Medical Association's Current Procedural Terminology Health Care Professionals Advisory Committee (AMA HCPAC). The AMA HCPAC is a group of advisors to the CPT Editorial Panel and is responsible for the review of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)[1] codes and, when appropriate, for development of new codes.  TPC provided guidance to the CPT Editorial Panel in developing codes for corneal topography, glaucoma screening, corneal pachymetry, and retinal laser scanning tests, to name a few. Additionally, the TPC provides coding information to AOA members via articles in the AOA News and various other AOA publications.


Third Party Center Executive Commitee

Stephen Montaquila, O.D. - Chair
Steven Eiss, O.D.
Mark R. Lee, O.D
Elizabeth McMunn, O.D
Zachary Steele, O.D.
Douglas C. Morrow, O.D.
Karoline Munson, O.D.
Jason T. Ortman, O.D.
David M. Redman, O.D.
Harvey B. Richman, O.D.
Richard M. Soden, O.D.
Rebecca H. Wartman, O.D.
Joseph Wende, O.D.