FCLCA Compliance and Contact Lens Safety

Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act (FCLCA) history

The Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act (FCLCA) became law on Feb. 4, 2004. The Act mandates that eye care practitioners, including doctors of optometry, release contact lens prescriptions to their patients. It also requires contact lens sellers to verify the validity of contact lens prescriptions before releasing contact lenses to consumers. Included below is additional information regarding AOA advocacy regarding the FCLCA, how to report FCLCA violations and additional resources to assist AOA members with complying with the FCLCA and ensuring contact lens seller compliance.


AOA contact lens safety advocacy

Ensuring that contact lenses are used safely by the public—and urging a robust response by Federal and state authorities to illegal and improper contact lens sales—is a top priority for the AOA. In addition to efforts to educate consumers, the AOA regularly meets with Federal agency officials to urge that more be done to crack down on dishonest internet and unconventional direct sellers, and these efforts are always informed and bolstered by reports the AOA receives from individual doctors from across the country.

Eye care practitioners should report all violations of the FCLCA—including instances in which contact lens sellers fail to comply with the prescription verification provisions of the law.

Examples of non-compliance by sellers may include:

  • No date and time on faxes
  • Multiple requests for same patient after receiving doctor response
  • Refusal to accept "Rx has expired" as compliant response
  • Selling contact lenses—decorative or corrective lenses—without prescription
  • Ignoring the eight-business-hour response period
  • Substituting lenses
  • Unintelligible recorded messages or other messages not allowing the practitioner a reasonable opportunity to respond

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Additionally, for the AOA’s internal records—or simply for assistance in getting your message to the right people—please report all incidents to Kara Webb at kcwebb@aoa.org.

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Please contact Kara Webb at kcwebb@aoa.org with any questions or concerns regarding the activities of dishonest contact lens sellers or situations in which consumer safety is at immediate risk.