AOA and MOA announcement about Ford Motor Company


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The American Optometric Association (AOA) and the Michigan Optometric Association (MOA) are pleased to inform you that beginning January 1, 2015, Ford Motor Corporation active salary and hourly UAW workers along with their dependents will have access to optometrists for medical eye care.  This change also applies to retired Ford salary workers under the age of 65 and their dependents.  Retired hourly UAW Ford workers under 65 and their dependent's health care are a benefit provided separately by the UAW Medical Trust.

This announcement follows similar decisions by General Motors, Chrysler LLC, and the UAW Medical Trust.  MOA Third Party member Dr. Peter Agnone said, "This announcement comes after decades of work by the AOA and the MOA advocating on behalf of all optometrists and their patients about this issue.  This success is a testimony of the value of the AOA and its affiliates to all optometrists across the nation. "

 The Ford decision is a direct result of the Affordable Care Act's Harkin Law, the only national provider non-discrimination law.  Legal counsel for the AOA and MOA were deeply involved and instrumental in Ford Motor's policy change and compliance with the Harkin Amendment's non-discrimination language.

As a result of the change in this longstanding policy, Ford workers and their dependents will have access to the full scope of eye health and vision care services provided by optometrists.