Scope Expansion Supporting Documentation

Below is a comprehensive listing of documents AOA-SGRC has available for your use, as you look to prepare for an upcoming legislative scope effort.

Model Language

AOA’s model optometric practice act.

  • Should be adapted by a legislative council to conform the proposal with your state law before being introduced to ensure it will be effective in your state.

Scope Chart    Scope Maps

  • Updated 50 state overview chart showing scope on a state-by-state basis and maps showing scope as it stands across the country by varying category.  The chart can be regionalized if helpful.

Avalon Report

  • Comprehensive study and report outlining the need of expanded optometric scope for greater access to quality care and cost savings associated with this.

AOA Vermont Rebuttal

  • Response to the Vermont Office of Professional Regulation report as it relates to expanding optometric scope.

AOA Expanding Scope Fact Sheet

  • An overview fact sheet, highlighting the benefits for comprehensive scope expansion.

Oklahoma Trabeculoplasty Rebuttal

  • AOA rebuttal document to the JAMA study by Joshua D. Stein, MD titled "Comparison of Outcomes of Laser Trabeculoplasty Performed by Optometrists vs. Ophthalmologist in Oklahoma”.

Lockton Insurance Letter

  • Letter from malpractice insurance carrier, underscoring that scope advancement would not increase rates.

State by State Malpractice Rates

  • Historical malpractice rates to show that rates have not increased because of scope advances (2011 to 2019 Rate History).

State by State Access Maps

  • Maps comparing access to OD vs. OMD practice locations per state.

Education Handout

  • A side-by-side comparison of OD vs. OMD education in infographic format.

What is an Optometrist Handout

  • Overview document highlighting the range of comprehensive care provided and the benefits of this.

Expanding Scope Handout

  • An overview infographic handout that highlights the benefits of optometric scope expansion.

Letters from Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Kentucky

  • Letters from the respective state boards reporting no complaints to the boards since expanding optometric scope. ( These letters typically take up to 3 weeks to acquire from the state boards.)

Coalition Letter

  • A letter in support of advanced scope from Americans for Prosperity, the Goldwater Institute and the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists.

Historical Timelines

  • Chronology of scope enactments and advancements since 1971.

Additional Resources

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