Advancements in optometric scope of practice raises potential further malpractice issues.  Malpractice issues can be avoided and protections can be put in place to safeguard against them.  Continual advancements of clinical knowledge are necessary for optometrist to provide the best eye care.  By providing the best eye care, malpractice can be mitigated.  Mitigation of malpractice is maximized with excellent doctor-patient relationship building.  Excellent doctor-patient relationships are built on great communication skills, empathy, and excellent eye care.  Understanding potential sources of malpractice and developing systems within clinical practice to guard against malpractice is key.  Practical means of decreasing malpractice exposure risk will be addressed.  Malpractice risk tends to decline for providers who have strong clinical confidence in utilization of the most advanced care and specialized instruments.  Advancements in optometric scope are best for patient care and increasing clinical confidence with recent advancements decreases malpractice risk for optometrists.

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Joshua Hanen, O.D., J.D.



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