LV-Incorporating Vision Rehabilitation into a Primary Care Optometric Practice: Practical Suggestions to Make It Feasible


Have you ever considered how to address the unmet visual goals of your patients with mild vision impairment in your primary care optometric practice? This course will describe in a very practical manner how to incorporate vision rehabilitation for those with mild visual impairment into an optometric primary care practice.  Differences between a typical primary care and vision rehabilitation examination from case history through coding will be discussed. Functional vision testing will be explained along with approximate cost of tests and how or if testing could be delegated.  Level of vision loss that could be managed in a primary care office versus referred to a vision rehabilitation provider will be analyzed.  Basic formulas that will guide the practitioner to select tentative lenses and/or devices will be reviewed as well as case examples provided.  Types of lighting and filters to address patients' goals will be discussed.  Many of the lenses and filters that will be suggested you may already have in your practice. Sources to obtain a basic set of devices, additional filters and additional lenses including approximate cost will be listed.  Basic coding and billing for services will be explained and resources recommended.  Protocol for dispensing of prescribed devices, lens and/or filters and assessment of prognosis will be explained.

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Janis Winters, O.D.

Tracy Matchinski, O.D.



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