Commercial real estate is the second highest expense behind payroll for most optometric practices. With this much at stake, capitalizing on every real estate transaction is of the utmost importance. The difference between a properly and poorly negotiated transaction can benefit or cost a practice tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars over a ten-year period alone. Additionally, the quality of space, choice of location, economics and other business deal points that are identified and negotiated in commercial real estate transactions impact every aspect of the practice, including the quality of care, staffing, patient retention, and overall profitability. Whether you lease or own your office space, commercial real estate is tied to the success of every practice.  In this course, Optometrists will learn foundational strategies to capitalize on their next commercial real estate transaction by saving a significant amount of money, dozens of hours of their valuable time, how to avoid costly pitfalls and complications, and ensure peace of mind in the real estate decisions.

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