SP-Getting Started with IPL (Workshop): Beginners Guide to Intense Pulse Light for On-Label Dry Eye Disease and Other Off-Label Applications for Contemporary Optometrists and Paraoptometrics


Supported by Lumenis Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is an effective treatment for many patients with Dry Eye Disease (DED).  This workshop is intended for ODs and Para-ODs without IPL experience to introduce them to IPL theory, device use, evidence-based studies and hands-on techniques with the goal of getting ODs comfortable with performing the procedures and Para-ODs comfortable with assisting procedures.  Sample consent forms and other logistics will be explained so the OD can incorporate IPL on Monday morning.  Cosmetic applications of IPL will be discussed with hands-on applications.  This workshop includes 45 minutes of classroom and 55 minutes of hands-on training.

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Jeffrey Michaels, O.D.


Shane Swatts, O.D.


Jessi Donahue, O.D.




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