The role of a doctor of optometry begins in the classroom

Optometry student life is a busy one. Class work can be demanding, whether you’re an undergraduate at a college or university tackling your prerequisites or currently participating in a professional program as a graduate student at a college of optometry.

The benefits of a membership in the AOA can help. Students can find resources and groups like the AOSA, AOAExcel®, AOA+, and much more, all made available on your path to joining the profession as a young doctor of optometry.

Easy-to-access tools for optometry students

You’ve completed the applications, gathered your books and materials and started your journey to becoming a doctor of optometry. Now that you’re in the full swing of student life, you can take advantage of the multitude of resources the AOA offers for managing your classes.

Many other AOA-member resources are in place so you can focus on what matters: your schoolwork., for example, has student-written articles on optometry school topics, and AOA+ offers guidance and networking opportunities.

Another milestone of your college career is the three National Board of Examiners in Optometry (NBEO) exams. Students are provided with detailed steps on how to register and prepare for, as well as pass, the NBEO exams.

These resources are readily available to you as an AOSA and AOA member. And the benefits don’t stop there. See how the AOA can alleviate concerns over obtaining financial aid, finding a residency program and entering the profession of optometry.

Managing Your Classes


The AOA ensures students have the support they need to manage class loads and board exams, and find impactufl internships, externships and residency programs.


Academic Timeline


Your calendar for becoming a doctor of optometry, from applying to school to the board exams.

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Managing Your Classes


Whether you're dreading or excited to test your skills, the AOA is here to help with the national board exams you must pass to become a certified doctor of optometry.