Student Loan Tools
Guide to grants and scholarships for students and residents

Resources for financing your education in optometry

Attending optometry school can be expensive, but the AOA offers the resources students need for starting or continuing their education with the necessary financial means.

While your institution’s financial aid office is a great place for information on paying for college, the AOA provides student members with a Guide to Optometric Loans, Grants and Scholarships as well as assistance with planning and the mechanics of a budget.

Students and young doctors of optometry also can find balance sheet preparation assistance.

Tools are available when it’s time for repayment

The heavy lifting of using financial aid comes not only from acquiring it but also, of course, repaying those funds. When it comes time for repayments, there are resources such as the National Institutes of Health’s Loan Repayment Programs and assistance with refinancing through AOAExcel®.

AOAExcel offers select products and services to help young doctors of optometry achieve business and career success with confidence—and for many, student loan refinancing is part of that success. This program offers the opportunity to refinance your optometry school loans to lower interest rates with a quick, four-step process. Plus, AOA members automatically receive a 0.25 percent rate discount for maintaining their membership.


Peruse this comprehensive list of general and school-based optometry scholarship and grant resources.



Academic Timeline


Find information, tips and advice for students currently planning and budgeting their allotted financial aid.

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Financial Aid


Assistance in securing financial aid for attending optometry school, finding budget support and more.

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