The American Optometric Association offers student members numerous benefits, including academic and professional resources including

  • Support with managing classes and taking the national board exams.
  • Financial aid, planning and budgeting assistance.
  • Through AOA+, granting students and young doctors of optometry a chance to network.
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As a member of the AOSA, you’re also a member of the AOA

AOA membership begins during your optometry school career when you join the AOSA. AOA membership benefits range from professional and business resources for students and new practitioners to skill building, volunteer opportunities and career advancement. Learn more about why it pays to be an AOA member.

Join the American Optometric Student Association

The AOSA represents more than 6,500 students in the schools and colleges of optometry across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. To learn more about the AOSA and find how you can get involved and stay informed regarding the issues that affect you and your education, visit the AOSA website.

Studying to be a doctor of optometry? Join the AOSA to get scholarship information, member benefits and discounts, and connections and advice for navigating your future career.

Plus, when you’re an AOSA member, you’re automatically an AOA member until you graduate. For more information, contact your AOSA Trustee.

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How to join the AOSA and AOA.


The AOA ensures students have the support they need to manage class loads and board exams, and find impactful internships, externships and residency programs.


A helpful list of resources and opportunities to enhance both your student and optometry career as an AOA member.