Group Insurance

Group insurance optimized for optometrists.

AOAExcel, through its partnership with AGIA, doesn’t just sponsor “insurance,” it tailors its policies and programs to the specific needs of optometrists, and it administers them smartly and efficiently. You may not find insurance that’s more tailored to optometrists than the AOAExcel Group Insurance Program.

Long-Term DisabilityGroup Long-Term Disability Insurance that helps protect your optometry career.*

Many insurance companies consider an optometrist disabled only when he or she is too disabled to function in any occupation whatsoever. Our carrier considers an optometrist disabled as soon as he or she is unable to function as an effective optometrist. It’s called the “own occupation” benefit, and it’s a critical difference that could make all the difference if you ever became too disabled to practice optometry.

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Group Term LifeGroup Term Life with something extra.*

Apply for up to $750,000, and your benefits will double if your death is accidental. Should you become terminally ill, you can collect 50% of your benefits to help with end-of-life circumstances.

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Student OffersComplimentary insurance for new graduates.*

AOAExcel understands how cash-strapped newly graduated optometrists can be, so it offers recent graduates one full year of term life insurance at no-cost to you, compliments of the AOA. Prior to graduation, seniors will automatically be emailed with more information.

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Insure your life. Ensure your career.

Click below for more information about all the group insurance products available to AOA members, including rates, how to apply and how our insurance is optimized for optometrists like no other insurance.

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*Underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company, 51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010 on Policy Form GMR. Coverage and offers subject to state restrictions. Please contact the administrator for information. This advertisement is not intended for use in New Mexico.

For details including features, costs, eligibility, renewability, limitations and exclusions, please go to the AOA Insurance website.