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At one point in all our lives, we made the choice to become optometrists, eagerly committing ourselves to the rigors of years of post-graduate education and training that lay before us. Now, as practicing professionals charged with the visual health of deserving patients who look to us for guidance and care, we must make another commitment. We must commit ourselves to being the best optometrists we can possibly be, ceaselessly improving not only our knowledge and skills, but improving our management of all the attendant business, financial and pragmatic requirements of our profession, as well. In a word, we endeavor to continue to excel.

AOAExcel sources and provides select products and services that excel in helping ODs achieve business and career success with confidence.

Upcoming Webinars

HIPAA Compliance
"HIPAA and Social Media: Growing Your Practice "
Thursday, June 6th at 2:00 pm ET / 11:00 am PST

Managing social media use and HIPAA compliance can lead to some of the most common misunderstandings Healthcare providers face. Employees who aren't properly trained on HIPAA and social media can expose your organization to HIPAA violations and costly fines!

Whether your practice is using Facebook to attract new clients, or your employees are posting about their workday on Twitter, improper use of social media can lead to major HIPAA violations. Especially now that smart phones and access to apps like Instagram and Snapchat are on the rise, more of these violations have been making the headlines than ever before.

The question becomes: How can your business use social media without violating HIPAA privacy and security requirements?

In this webinar we will outline exactly how to protect your business by managing how your employees use social media. You'll get concrete examples of how to create effective policies surrounding uses of phones and social media around the office, as well as real life examples of HIPAA breaches that have occurred as a result of improper social media usage.

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