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The AOAExcel Career Center is exclusive to doctors of optometry, so you can post with confidence that your position will only be viewed by qualified doctors. Your time is valuable—save it by posting with the only career center associated with the AOA, rather than a generic employment site.

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Take advantage of what other job boards can’t provide by reaching the unreachable candidates through AOAExcel’s Career Center Spotlight. Deliver your position directly to the inbox of over 17,000 young doctors of optometry who are considered passive seekers and can represent 75% of the overall job market. Utilize this opportunity to put your position in front of doctors who are currently employed and aren’t actively searching openings but may be highly interested in yours. Maximize your opportunity with the AOAExcel Career Center Spotlight.

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What you include in your job listing is important

The content you include in your job post is crucial to attracting the right candidate. Think about what a job seeker is looking for in a new position or city. Add more details that give an idea of what the new hire will experience in terms of workplace culture. The goal for a career center post should be to both set expectations for the position as well as to help a potential applicant envision what their life might be like if they were to be offered the job. You will find a few recommendations for our career center below:

  • Headline – Because the AOAExcel Career Center is a targeted career center, it’s important to make your post stand out from the first few words. Consider adding 1-3 of the most attractive attributes of your practice or the position you’re offering right in the title, so applicants are compelled to view your post and learn more. Some qualities applicants look for are signing bonuses, competitive salary and benefits package, great location, 4-day weeks, exceptional support staff and advanced technology. For example, you might say something along the lines of: "Seeking Full-Time Doctor of Optometry—State of the Art Equipment, Exceptional Support Staff, Beautiful San Francisco." This type of headline is recommended for more general career centers, as well.
  • Salary and benefits – Salary and benefits are at the top of the list for job seekers. We recommend making some mention of what your practice will offer to the person who is hired. Even if you’re uncomfortable with posting the specifics—which is totally understandable—there are still a few ways to assuage the concerns of job seekers within your post. In the ‘Salary’ field, you can consider adding a salary range that you expect your new hire will fall within, then add your note that it is to be determined or depends on experience. You could also add mention of your benefits package, whether that comes in the form of listing out what you offer by way of insurance, retirement savings, vacation, etc., or in the form of a phrase, such as ‘comprehensive benefits package’ or ‘competitive benefits package’.
  • Location – After salary and benefits, location is probably the next most important factor in a job seeker’s decision to apply for a position. A potential candidate needs to be able to envision themselves in your open position, and part of that comes from being able to get a glimpse of what their life outside of work might look like. Some attributes you might consider mentioning are if there’s a good art or music scene, a low cost of living, a good school district, great parks or hiking trails, etc.
  • Technology and equipment – If your practice has particularly advanced technology or equipment, we recommend listing this.
  • Adding your email for questions – One mistake many employers make when posting with the career center is not including contact information within the job description. The default is set that applicants can only make contact if applying, but we recommend adding a line in your job description that invites questions, along with a good email address and phone number. This opens the lines of communication to those who may be interested in the position but have some questions to assess whether or not it is the right fit.

As always, if you find yourself in need of additional help, contact our career center specialists today.

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