Accreditation Costs and Fees

Costs and fees associated with accreditation by ACOE.

Application fees

The ACOE assesses programs seeking accreditation or pre-accreditation an application fee. Application fees for new professional optometric degree programs should be submitted with the program's feasibility study and letter of application. Application fees for optometric residency programs and optometric technician programs should be submitted with the program's letter of application. The current application fees follow:

Professional Optometric Degree Programs $25,000
Optometric Residency Programs $2,500
Optometric Technician Programs $2,500

Site visit costs

The cost of any on-site visitation to evaluate a professional optometric degree, optometric residency or optometric technician program by the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education (ACOE) is borne by the institution visited. Following the visit, the institution will be billed for the expenses of evaluators, consultants and Council staff.

Annual accreditation fees

All accredited programs and programs applying for initial accreditation or pre-accreditation are also charged an annual accreditation fee. The following is the schedule of the current annual accreditation fees charged to each program, with a 3% increase annually. Due to the effect the pandemic has had on educational programs, ACOE has waived the 3% increase for the 2021 annual accreditation fee.

Professional Optometric Degree Programs $6,896
Optometric Residency Programs $1,592
Optometric Technician Programs $1,592

Payment of accreditation fees and policy for non-payment

All institutions offering programs accredited by the ACOE are expected to adhere to the due date for payment of the annual accreditation fee for each ACOE-accredited program sponsored by the institution. Invoices are sent in October and payment is due to the ACOE by Jan. 1 of each year. Programs are also expected to pay any site visit fees for which they are billed within 90 days of receiving an invoice. Programs which do not pay their annual fees by Feb. 15 or site visit fees within 90 days of receiving the invoice will be placed on administrative probation by the ACOE director, in consultation with the ACOE chair. The CEO of the institution sponsoring the program and the program director will be notified of this status and informed that the ACOE intends to withdraw the accreditation of the program(s) at its next scheduled meeting if payment is not received.

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